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Streamingstar Technology Inc., the pre-eminent software supplier, developed the professional software of recording streaming audio and video from any point of origin across virtual network for the internet-enabled person anywhere in the world.

Who we are

We started our business in 2002. At that time we spent several months developing our first software product- HiDownload, a useful download manager. Then we established the Streamingstar Company and built a website to sell the product. It was a success far beyond our expectations that HiDownload was welcome for thousands of users worldwide. HiDownload had been downloaded throughout the world, taking advantage of its powerful capability. Up to now, HiDownload has become one of the best software toolkits for recording streaming media and still been popular in the market.
Good beginning fueled our passion exponential growth. During four years, we have developed more products and won high reputation over the streaming media market.

What we offer

We've been keeping improving our products all the time. We committed to giving our customers longterm quality support, including free technical support and upgrading lifetime since the first purchase, and we valued any suggestions to improve our products and services from any source. That is what we can promise, in the past ,and right now.

Contact us

For any questions related to consumer offerings or technical help, please mail to:
For ordering our products, pricing, special offers, discounts, etc, please mail to:sales@streamingstar.com

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