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  - Download youtube videos(FLV, MP4, HD)
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Software requirement: HiDownload 6.99 or higher (Download it)

How to download youtube flv video by HiDownload

HiDownload as Youtube Video Downloader, just copy the flv video's URL from Youtube, and copy to HiDownload window. HiDownload will analyse automatically data and get the actual URL, then download flv video file to your PC.

Step by Step Instructions

1.Download and install HiDownload Platinum.

2.Open the Youtube website

3.click mouse right-button on the flv video.

4.select the "Copy Shortcut"(IE Browser) menu or "Copy Link Location"(FireFox Browser)

5.Run HiDownload Platinum.

6.Click the "Add" button, you can find the flv url in the "URL" editbox, and the streams is "Flash Video Streaming".

7.click "OK" button, HiDownload will start to download the flv video file.


Free Download HiDownload Platinum


NOTE: If you want to convert youtube video to your iPhone/iPod/iTouch/iPad, you can use "Streamingstar Converter" to convert the videos.

How to download automatically high quality video from youtube.com

Now, youtube.com offer more video formats(720p HD, 480p, 360p, 240p, ...). If you want to download other formats, you can play the video in "Flv Filter" of HiDownload Platinum, and select the video format, wait a moment, you will find the video downloadable address link in the list. Copy the link, and download it by HiDownload Platinum.

Free Download HiDownload Platinum


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